More than your normal Death Doula

Terminal Illness Support

Even though our physical body may be declining and will not be able to provide a home for our soul any longer, forgiveness, deepening our love for self, creating peace with our mortality can bring profound healing at end of life. I am here to support grieving loved ones better understand the process, respecting decisions that you have been made.

Infant and Pregnancy Loss

Perinatal loss is more than the loss of a baby; it’s the loss of a relationship. 25% of people living in Canada experience loss at some point in their expectant journey. A Doula provides emotional support, advice or comfort to an individual and their loved ones experiencing perinatal loss and the subsequent grief that follows.

MAiD Support

Most people face difficult decisions at end of life. For some, understanding the options and resources can give them a sense of control. Open, honest heartfelt conversations are critical so that you can make informed decisions. I can facilitate those conversations with your loved ones and healthcare providers so that your wishes are known.


Many are choosing to transition at home, now there are many more options available, I would be pleased to discuss. I am available to vigil and guide others to support in a home death. Planning for how you envision your comfort at end of life, ensuring your wishes are honoured.

Grief and Loss

There is no universal way to cope with a loss of a loved one; however, sharing our thoughts and feelings, facts and fears, helps to provide a new sense of normal and understanding.  We will work together to create a safe, caring and non-judgmental space that empowers you through each dynamic grief journey.

Advanced Care Planning

It is said that planning is an act of love, or a gift for our loved ones and ourselves. When you create a clear plan, everyone involved in your care will be aware of your needs and wants. Reviewing what is in place, you will receive clarity to create what else is needed to ensure your wishes are honored. You can feel at ease everything will be taken care of that is important to you.

Ceremony, Ritual & Funeral

Creating memorials and life celebrations at any point along the journey becomes more meaningful with the incorporation and focus of life review and legacy. We at the Comox Valley Death Doula Collective offer a fresh perspective on family history and stories allowing room for unique and one-of-a-kind events that capture the heart of a loved one.


Depending on where you are on your dynamic journey or how much support you have from loved ones, I am here to companion as needed. I will be there to support, listen, be in friendship, someone you can trust to hold confidentiality. Being a loving presence as you navigate this new way of living and providing calm in the chaos that may arise. Helping to navigate the expected and unexpected in illness and in death.


Our medical system is challenged, many times we are  required to be our own advocate. In times of illness it can be difficult to do this and some may not have family support available. I will work with you to help navigate the system, advocating to ensure you receive the best care and respect you deserve. It is of the utmost importance to have all the options to make informed decisions and ensure your wishes are honoured.


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Let’s Connect

Janet O’Dell

Comox Valley, BC

Virtually Anywhere

Fees: Our 1/2 hour initial consultation is free and will be hosted by Zoom. Service fees vary, taking into account the scope, timing and location of a friend’s needs and wants, and are offered at a base rate of $89 per hour with an optional sliding scale.

Dynamic Journey Packages available at discounted rate

Basic Dynamic Journey Package ~ (includes Advance Care Planning + end of life discussions) 6-8 hours – $400.00

End of Life Dynamic Journey Package ~ a closer look at end of life planning + ongoing support through in-person, phone or video calls + legacy projects + vigil support + respite support + grief companioning $2000

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Package ~ Please reach out for more information.

Contact Hours

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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My Philosophy: As a death doula, I do not judge your choices, your actions, your desires, or your experience.  I am here to support you in figuring out what makes sense for you; that may include decision making, healing, processing, and more.

Disclaimer ~ As a Death Doula, I refrain from offering medical or legal advice. All decisions are yours to make, and my role is to offer support to ensure your desires and preferences are adhered to. I work in tandem with your care team and hold you as a friend and/or your representatives, responsible for actions regarding end of life choices. Personal preferences aside, my support is emotional and spiritual in nature, and guidance offered is thus kept to us ❤

~ Dynamic Journey Doula respectfully acknowledges that we are standing on the Unceded traditional territory of the K’òmoks First Nation ~

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