Death Doula

An End of Life Doula (“Death Doula”) provides non-judgmental, non-medical holistic support to those nearing the end of life.  Death Doulas can also offer support to the family & friends of the person dying or recently dead.

For social and emotional needs a Death Doula can assist in facilitating conversations with family & friends about Advanced Care Directives; helping be sure the clients wishes are understood as well as documented for health care providers, family and friends. Talking about and planning certain directives in advance can help alleviate unnecessary stress for all involved.

Overall, the largest role a Death Doula can have is in helping bridge the gap between heath care (talking with nurses or doctors) and death care (talking with a funeral director, cemetery personnel, etc.) as well as help the dying person and/or family members focus on what can be done versus what cannot or feeling stuck in the “why is this happening?” fog.

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