Creating a Plan with Addio

Have you heard of Addio? Think TurboTax, but for end-of-life planning. They guide you through making your Farewell Plan. And as someone that helps families through the financial turmoil of caring and aging, THIS is a great piece to the puzzle!

Guiding Goodbyes. The most complete end-of- life plannning service for individuals and families. You are more than your estate. Most online estate planning services give you the bare bones template, which leaves surviving families with too much work. At Addio, we help you craft a complete Farewell Plan that gives your family a clear path forward.

What is a Farewell Plan? A complete view into your wishes for end-of-life, including desired estate planning, life-sustaining treatments, details about funeral arrangements, important assets, and more. Addio guides you through the entire planning journey from start to finish – being a trusted resource along the way.

Create a plan. We will help you create your unique Farewell Plan including your advance directive, will, beneficiaries and final arrangement wishes. To sign up and recieve a 25% discount, please feel free to use my Advisor link.

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