“Everyone has the right to die a good death, if you plan for it”

Advanced Care Planning

It is said that planning is an act of love or a “gift”, for our loved ones and ourselves. When you create a clear plan, everyone involved in your care will be aware of your needs and wants. Reviewing what is in place, you will receive clarity to create what else is needed to ensure your wishes are honored. You can feel at ease everything will be taken care of that is important to you. I will guide discussions while using “My Voice Advanced Care Planning Guide” provided by The BC Ministry of Health, regarding your values, wishes and beliefs, and ensuring they will be heard, respected and honoured.

Life Limiting & Caregiver Support

I meet you where you are on your journey with kindness and compassion. Facing one’s mortality can cause us to question many of our beliefs. I provide energy work, healing guidance and empowerment to strengthen your faith and embrace your soul’s wisdom. Even though our physical body may be declining and will not be able to provide a home for our soul any longer, forgiveness, deepening our love for self, and creating peace with our mortality can bring profound healing at end of life. Helping to support grieving loved ones better understand the process, respecting decisions that you have made. If the support of Hospice does not resonate with you or work for you, this is when in Dynamic Journey Doula in-house support services are available for you and your loved ones.

Advocacy & Empowerment

Our medical system is challenging and many times we are required to be our own advocate. In times of illness it can be difficult to do this and some may not have family support available. I will work alongside you to help navigate the system, advocating to ensure you receive the best care and respect you deserve. It is of the utmost importance for you to have all the options to make informed decisions and ensure your wishes are heard and honoured.

Bedside Companion / Sitting Vigil

Many are choosing to transition at home, and famililies gather in a place of your choice, now that there are many more options available. I would be grateful to discuss these options more with you. I am available to sit vigil with your loved one and help guide others to support you. Our loved ones and caregivers need to take breaks in order to best support you during your end of life. Planning for how you envision your comfort at end of life, and ensuring your wishes are honoured is one way I can help support you. Let’s start that conversation.

If you are a loved one or friend of a caregiver and you see the need of little extra support, gifting them prepaid rests maybe a nice idea.

Legacy Creation & Digital Legacy

If you’ve ever wondered what people will remember about you after you are gone, that means you have spent some time thinking about your legacy. The things a person accomplishes throughout life form the basis of the individual’s legacy. It includes all kinds of accomplishments, such as successfully overcoming adversity, raising resilient and loving children, excelling as a leader, being a whistleblower, creating inventions or innovations, and so much more. The things a person does and achieves throughout a lifetime form a powerful legacy that others will continue to remember.

We are the first generation to navigate the interface of death and the digital world. I will help guide you through preparing your online modern Digital Legacy for future generations. What do you do about social media accounts after you have died? When someone dies, grieving people often have to decide what to do with their loved one’s online accounts. Here’s why your digital legacy matters. Your digital foot print such as emails, online presence, passwords,(ie; Banking, Apps, Instagram, Facebook Memorial Page)  do need to be deactived or deleted. Who will manage your online presence?

Home Death & Funeral Guide

I am here to help reconnect you back into your power to be with your loved one during the active dying process, and to be by their side when they leave this earth. I am trained in supporting and guiding families to wash and dress their loved one after passing. I will empower you to gather around them, to honour them, to create rituals, encourage decorating their container they chose. I am here to guide you and loved ones, while bringing back the sacred to the dying experience for all who share in the journey. Find out more.

Funeral and Celebrations of Life

Creating memorials and life celebrations at any point along the journey becomes more meaningful with the incorporation and focus of life review and legacy. I offer a fresh perspective on family history and stories allowing room for unique and one-of-a-kind events that capture the heart of a loved one. Find out more.

We’re all just walking each other home.

~Ram Dass


As an End of Life Practitioner / Death Doula, I refrain from offering medical or legal advice. All decisions are yours to make, and my role is to offer support to ensure your desires and preferences are adhered to. I work in tandem with your care team and hold you as a friend and/or your representatives, responsible for actions regarding end of life choices. Personal preferences aside, my support is emotional and spiritual in nature, and guidance offered is thus kept to us ❤

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