How End of Life Doulas Support the Dying at Home or in Hospice

An End of Life Practitioner/Death Doula supports the dying in hospice or at home. We do not provide medical care and work alongside Palliative and Hospice to ensure all the needs of the client are well taken care of.

We provide additional one to one compassionate support to the patient and their families. Offering advocacy, spiritual guidance, and loving Holistic care.

When the client makes the decision to transition at home, we support all involved to create a beautiful sacred experience giving great comfort to both the dying and their loved ones. Medical support is put in place if needed, and we take care of the rest. Honoring the dying person’s wishes. Allowing them to die with more dignity and grace in their own surroundings. If the client wishes we can arrange for a home funeral. Many more families are now choosing to support their loved ones to peacefully die at home rather than in a facility, especially during these times. Home is where memories, love and laughter are shared without any interruption. There are no rules or limits about who can visit, the family makes their own.

We provide soul guidance, there, whenever needed, holding hands and heart. We have as much time to give compassionate care as the client and family needs. The dying process is a sacred journey. We are here to reverently bear witness, honor your wishes as you journey home. ~ Janet

Published by Dynamic Journey End of Life Practitioner

Please call!’ These words were received by an email from my mentor, friend and spiritual advisor, a mere 3 weeks before her death. In her final days on earth, Leigh Anne taught me my greatest spiritual lesson that holding space, supporting, and guiding a friend through death, is the ultimate gift we can offer to those we love. It was from witnessing death intimately, and the culmination of my life experiences, that I realized I was on the journey of my life’s work, namely a ‘dynamic journey’. Fulfilling my call to be an End of Life Doula, it would therefore be an honour to walk with you and your loved ones’ through their dynamic death journey. Providing companionship with the intention that no one has to be alone as they transition out of this world, I understand the importance of how it helps to hold space, make friends comfortable and to listen to their last wishes. I offer people facing the end of their lives and/or their loved ones, tools for their tool box that they may need so they can be reassured that they will die with grace, dignity and peace. As a healer I offer emotional support to children with grief loss and mentoring for those who have experienced infant and pregnancy loss. As an educator I help with practical assistance, non-medical support, providing up-to-date information about end of life care services to the dying and their loved ones before, during and after death. Bringing care, compassion, laughter and love to the death process, I believe that death is a sacred, beautiful part of our journey. Allow me the gift of sharing a gentle guiding hand and a loving heart during your dynamic journey. Be Good to You!

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